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Perspectives in Gene Expression

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Perspectives in Gene Expression
Edited by: Krishnarao Appasani
Foreward by: Philip Sharp, Nobel Laureate, Institute Professor at MIT
$135.00, pp 480 (est.), color insert
ISBN 1-881299-16-3

Perspectives in Gene Expression presents gene expression strategies written by top scientists from academic, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical institutes around the world and provides a timeless collection of theory and applications in various fields. Readers will find meaningful interpretation and critical review of those aspects of the molecular biology of disease that reflect on the role of a cell’s genomic information.

Gene expression strategies covered here include differential display, SAGE and real-time quantitative PCR, cDNA microarrays, oligochips, and emerging technologies such as RNAi and RAGE. These approaches offer a glimpse into the potential for integrated healthcare and personalized medicine.
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1. Discovery of Expressed Genes by Differential Display and Their Applications
2. Identification of Genes in Leukemia Using Differential Display
3. Gene Expression Studies in Lymphoid Cells Using Differential Display
4. Gene Discovery in Experimental Colitis: mRNA Display Approach

SECTION II: SAGE and Validation

5. Genome-Wide Analysis of Gene Expression in Human CD34+ Stem/Progenitor Cells
6. Expression of Novel Genes in Normal and Diseased Human Tissues


7. Study of Mouse Metabolic Pathways with RIKEN Full-Length cDNA Microarrays
8. Molecular Studies in Ovarian Cancer: A Tailored cDNA Arrays Approach
9. Gene Expression Analysis of Ovarian Tumors with a cDNA Microarray Containing Ovarian Tumor-Specific Clones
10. Microarray Applications in Developmental Toxicity
11. Identifying Antisense Genomic Modulators Using cDNA Microarrays

SECTION IV: Oligochips

12. Applicability and Practice of Genome-Wide Expression Profiling: Insights from Studies of Skeletal Muscle Diversity and Disease Mechanisms
13. Applications of Gene Expression Microarrays in the Discovery of p53 Target Genes
14. The CodeLink Bioarray System Applied to Human Liver Cancers
15. Expression Profiling in Helicobacter pylori Infection

SECTION V: Bioinformatics

16. Correspondence Analysis with Microarray Data
17. High-Throughput Functional Interference in the Post-Genomic Era

SECTION VI: Emerging Technologies

18. Expression of siRNA from a pol III Promoter in Mammalian Cells
19. Short Hairpin-Type dsDNAs Transcribed by pol III Polymerase Induce Efficient Sequence-Specific Silencing in Human Cells
20. Inverse GenomicsÔ: A Gene Discovery Platform Based on Inactivation of Gene Expression
21. Random Activation of Gene Expression (RAGE) Technology
22. Semiconductor Quantum Dots and Optically Encoded Microbeads for Gene Expression Analysis

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